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Business Air Services provides the maximum utilization of the two most valuable assets an organization has: People and Time. Charter is the answer when saving time, flexibility, efficiency, privacy, security, and comfort is important.

Aircraft Management offers expert service and cost savings provided through fleet operations. Business Air Services provides well trained experienced crews in addition to fuel cost savings, fleet insurance rates and reduced storage costs. Because we have our own in-house Director of Maintenance the aircraft owner and charter client is assured all maintenance is performed in a safe, timely and cost effective manner.

Claiming Compensation for Flight Delay

aviation claimYou are in the position of claiming a flight delay compensation even if your ticket was purchased through a travel agency or any other third party. As long as someone paid for the ticket and it has your information in it, you can claim a flight delay compensation.

Group Claims

Claiming for flight delays can be done as a group, however it’s advised that you proceed separately. As a Civil Law matter, the case could be addressed in a much more efficient way by taking each individual’s case and data as an independent issue, making it much easier to check the overall progress of every single one.

We advise you to always keep your travel documents in a safe place and never lose sight of your bags, wallet or purse; losing your travel documents might mean more than losing a flight delay claim.

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Contributed by ABTAS. ABTAS inc. was founded in 1993. Their fleet of managed aircraft flies 190 plus hours each month. The majority of these hours are in accordance with FAR Part 135. Business The company's fleet is equipped with the most up-to-date avionics available, and aircraft are strictly maintained to FAA Part 135. International flying is extensive, and includes the US Europe , Japan , Mexico and the Caribbean.

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