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A quiz for student pilots and licence holders, ranging from easy to difficult.

Although not designed for those with no flying experience, you may be able to work some of them out for yourself!

Why not have a go and see just how much you know?

Question 1 - An isoclinal is...

  • A line joining places of equal magnetic variation
    A line joining places of equal magnetic deviation
    A line joining places of equal magnetic dip

Question 2 - The period of validity of a JAA licence is...

  • 5 years
    2 years
    10 years

Question 3 - Pitch trim...

  • Holds the aileron in place and relieves the pilot of control load input
    Holds the elevator in place and relieves the pilot of control load input
    Makes the aircraft look nice

Question 4 - In R/T 'Roger' means...

I have received all of your last transmission
I will comply with your instruction
I have received and understood all of your last transmission

Question 5 - AFISO may...

Clear an aircraft to take-off
Issue taxying instructions
Clear an aircraft to join the circuit

Question 6 - A nautical mile is equal to...

The average length of 1 minute of latitude
5280 feet
6080 yards

Question 7 - What transponder code does a pilot set to indicate radio failure?


Question 8 - When using the rudder the extent of travel is limited by...

The length of the pilot's legs
Stops on the rudder
Stops on the rudder pedals

Question 9 - If lift equals weight and thrust equals drag an aircraft will...

  • Maintain altitude

Question 10 - After donating blood, for how long should a pilot refrain from flying?

  • 48 hours
    12 hours
    24 hours

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